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GOOSETECH is a vibrant and captivating Italian outerwear brand that combines innovative technology with eye-catching design. A strong sense of craftsmanship drives the ongoing development of new materials and details.

GOOSETECH collections are an exhilarating cocktail mix of inspirations from the worlds of music, art, pop culture and technology. Made with the luxurious workmanship that comes with tradition, all GOOSETECH products are exclusively Made in Italy.


GOOSETECH has developed a patented formula of transparent polyurethane which reveals unexpected coloured feathers below the surface of the garments. Since the shell is see-through, an ever evolving ‘moving pattern’ is created, revealing a mix of coloured down and feathers that characterize the unique innovation of this brand.

Used in the making of many of it’s down puffers, the translucent shell bears high-tech performance qualities rendering the products water-proof, hypo-allergenic, stain-proof, mould and fire resistant. This original invention is the result of intensive research and development and is a trademark of many GOOSETECH collections.


GOOSETECH is located in Milan, Italy in an elegant neoclassical ‘palazzo’ on the city’s aristocratic Via Senato. The building is a splendid example of 19th century architecture typical of Milan’s historical centre. The offices are adjacent to the Palazzo del Senato and Milan’s prestigious fashion district.