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Goosetech clothes are entirely manufactured in Italy, with extreme care for all details and top quality materials. Respect of animals is one of the main company values, that’s why Goosetech use only natural feathers, gathered during the mould period. No animals were hurt to produce Goosetech items.

All feathers are then washed out to pure white and dyed into all Goosetech particular colors. The transparent shell is made in a particular poliurethane patented formula, that is soft, waterproof, durable and easy to clean.

Both transparent and nylon jackets can be washed in washing machine using cold temperature (30°C/ 86°F), do not centrifuge, do not tumble dry. Please remind to remove zip logo plaque before washing. They can be easily removed thanks to their practical hook.

Goosetech jacket can be easily folded when traveling.

When the season is over, please store them clean in your closet. Please avoid to store them at direct sunlight or under a continuous strong light, or some feathers inside could become yellowish.